Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review

Hello Beauties,

Hope everybody is doing well, today I am going to share
Jovees Rose skin Toner review. I bought this toner through flipkart last month,
now going to finish this soon. I have seen these Jovees products at few stores
here in Chennai, I am remembering it still that the SA asked me to buy these
products as they are herbal, somehow I didn’t buy that time. Let’s see the

About the Product:
Herbal Rose toners for skin
Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review
Jovees Rose skin Toner
Price        130rs
Quantity 100ml
Shelf life 3 years

Product Description:


My Experience with Jovees Rose skin Toner:
Jovees Rose skin Toner comes in a transparent sturdy plastic
bottle with a spray type lid and there is a small cap to cover the spray lid,
which I found useless. It is totally not for travel. The toner liquid colour is
dark rose with strong fragrance which I found artificial. The texture is
neither liquid nor oil.
I had great expectations with this toner, but this toner
totally disappointed me. I don’t like toners with artificial colour and strong
smell generally. So, this toner failed to fulfil my basic expectations. I am
using this toner through a cotton ball by spraying the toner on the cotton.
This is not making my face fresh or clean feel, after
applying my face will become sticky. The only great point is this is working on
my open pores 70% perfectly; there is no need to apply moisturiser for me. This
toner has good moisturising power and toning the skin well. I have bought this Skin toner though it says for normal to dry skin because it contains chamomile, might be suits for my sensitive skin.
Other than these things I didn’t find any reasons to buy
this toner again. Also I didn’t see any miracle changes in my skin texture.

Actually I bought this rose toner because it is herbal and has rose as it’s main ingredient. But, this toner didn’t work for me and I think it is because of rose oil in it I think. But, this toner is best for dry skin beauties those who needs extra hydration for their skin. It will helps you to regain your skin moisture after washing your face. I have read some good reviews on this Jovees brand skin care products. But, unluckily the first impression turned very negative for me. I think I am not going to try this brand anymore.

My Likes with Jovees Rose skin Toner:

Shrinking the open pores 70%
Herbal ingredients.
Goodness of Chamomile.
Moisturising well, could be very good for Dry skin.
No allergic or breakouts.
Easily available.

My Dislikes with Jovees Rose skin Toner:

Artificial fragrance and colour.
No full ingredients list.
Sticky feel after applying.
I didn’t feel the cleansing property
Not suitable for oily skin.
Not helping in improving my skin texture.
No fresh fell after applying.
Not travel friendly.

Final Verdict:

Jovees Rose skin Toner will be a good skin toner for dry
skin beauties and not for oily skin beauties totally.
Hope my review will
be helpful for you all…
Share your comments and stay beautiful…
With Love Radha…  


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