Home Made Body and Face Scrub Recipes

Hello Beauties,

Today I am going to share some DIY recipes, you know what? I
am going to share three homemade face and body scrubs. They are free from
harmful chemicals, side effects and these scrubs will suits all skin types. You
no need to strain yourself much and you can prepare these scrubs on the go
What is Scrub?
Scrub is a fine granule which helps to eliminate blackheads,
white heads and dead cells from the skin, also helps in fading pimple marks the from the skin and clean the clogged pores. Scrubs can be used weekly once or twice according to the skin
type, oily skin may need to scrub weekly thrice. Regular scrubbing is not
recommended according to skin care routine. Also Sensitive Skin people should
be very careful while choosing scrubs for them, the scrub granules should be
very fine and shouldn’t harm their skin while scrubbing.
Oily skin people should choose scrubs without creamy texture
like neem, Rice flour, green gram dhal, besan, these scrubs will absorb excess
oil from the skin and remove the unwanted things from the skin as well. There
are so many brands selling scrubs which are specially formulated for oily skin.
Dry skin people should choose creamy scrubs which won’t dry
out the skin after scrubbing. They can prepare scrubs in home themselves by
mixing honey and sugar, olive oil with crushed guava. I will share more
homemade scrubs in future.
Important Note: Don’t scrub your skin if you have pimples
in your face this will aggravate the problem more, as the pimples and the
infection on the skin easily get spreads all over the face.
Homemade Scrubs for Face and Body:
Curd and Rice flour Scrub:

Curd is an excellent ingredient for pampering our skin at
any time; curd is rich in Vitamin C which can brighten the skin immediately. It
has excellent property that can calm down irritated skin after applying it on
the skin, also moisturize the skin and leave the skin soft and glowing.
Rice flour is also contains full of good vitamins and
minerals which is rich in vitamin B complex, this Vitamin B is very good for
skin rejuvenation. This rice flour has very fine granules which are helping to
remove dead cells, black heads and white heads. This is a wonderful Scrub and
it is my all time favourite.
If you don’t like curd’s smell you can mix raw milk instead
of curd as the raw milk has almost the same properties like curd.
Things you will need to prepare this Scrub:
Curd or Raw milk
Rice Flour
One sterilized bowl and a mixer spoon

Preparation Method:
Take needed amount of curd and rice flour in a bowl and mix
them well. The mixture should be like a thick paste like neither runny nor
thick in texture. Now the Scrub is ready to use.
Apply it all over the face and body slightly massage it and
then leave the scrub on the skin for ten minutes. Now apply warm water all over
the body and skin, slightly massage and scrub and now wash it off by cool
You can see the immediate rejuvenation, brightness and
freshness of the skin after washing. This is very easy method, but very
effective home remedy.
Milk and Coffee powder Scrub:
I know you all will laugh and yes this is a coffee scrub which
we use to prepare and drink daily. So, it is very easy and on the go scrub
preparation. I have learned this scrub idea from my mother, she use to scrub
her body and face by this coffee scrub.
We all know Milk is very good for skin, it is enriched by
vitamins and minerals and coffee is rich in antioxidants. So for getting
youthful skin the easiest way is using homemade coffee scrub.
Things needed to prepare this scrub:
Milk (boiled or raw)
Coffee powder (Chikkari coffee powder which is
used to prepare filter coffee)
One sterilized bowl and a mixer spoon

Preparation Method:
Take needed amount of milk and coffee powder make it like a
thick paste. Apply it all over the body and face and then massage gentle on the
skin. You will feel the freshness and youthful on the skin by regular use of
this scrub.
This scrub is not recommended for sensitive skin, because
the coffee granules are little bigger and might be little harsh. For sensitive
skin people they can use this scrub by grinding this coffee powder into fine
Sugar and Chocolate scrub:
This scrub is very well known scrub for you all, we can make
it in the home itself. Chocolate is rich in antioxidants and it has
moisturising property. Sugar granules have excellent scrubbing property.
Things needed to prepare this scrub:
Sugar (grinded)
Chocolate (Powder or Choco bar)

Preparation Method:
If you have chocolate powder mix it with a small amount of
milk and make it like a thick paste, now add the sugar powder and start apply
on the skin, then scrub. Because, the sugar powder is tend to become melt and
the scrub mixture will become watery, if we delay to apply on the skin.

This is the best
scrub for winter season and also for dry skin beauties, this scrub will leave
skin smooth, soft and radiant. This scrub is very good for body skin polishing, gives
shining body skin like a mirror by regular use.
Hope You all will love My DIY Recipes,
Share your thoughts and feedbacks after trying…That will
make me more happy J
With Love Radha… J 
PS:This DIY scrub Recipes are used and tested by me,
Do a patch test before trying these DIY Recipes.