Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vaadi Herbals White Radiance Fairness Moisturiser Review

Hello Beauties,
I am really feeling sick in physically and mentally this week, don't know really what's the reason. So, decided to warm me up by writing a review about by current favorite moisturizer. No wonder this is Vaadi Herbals White Radiance Fairness Moisturizer. As already I have reviewed so many products from Vaadi Herbals, face cream is very new for me from this brand. Now a days I am really afraid to try new creams on my face. Since I took a risk, because it is from my favorite and herbal brand. Let's see the review...

About the Product:
Fairness creams
Vaadi Herbals White Radiance Fairness Moisturiser
Vaadi Herbals White Radiance Fairness Moisturiser
Price       59 Rs
Quantity  110 ml
Shelf life   3 Years

Product Description:

This dual action formulation effectively lightens your skin tone while deep-moisturizing it. The presense of vitamin-C-Rich Mandarins externally lightens the complexion. On the other hand, the silk extracts works from the inside, by controlling the production of skin-darkening pigment, melanin. Together they grant you softer, smoother and fairer complexion. 

Mandarin: Lightens skin and maintain moisture balance.
Silk Extract: Controls Melanin production.

Active Ingredients:

Extracts of Mandarin, Silk, Mulberry and Milk Enzymes

Direction for usage:

My Experience with Vaadi Herbals White Radiance Fairness Moisturiser:

This Vaadi Herbals White Radiance Fairness Moisturiser comes in a white colour sturdy plastic pack with Orange colour flip cap open lid. This package is very cute and handy, travel friendly. The cream is milky white and thick in texture with a pleasant fruity fragrance.

The cream is thick in texture, so I was thinking to try this on my face. Finally I applied this cream during night time in the chin part only to test. In the morning, Thank God I don't have any allergy or break outs. So, in the day time I have started to apply this cream on my face after bath. I use to apply this twice a day. A very little amount is enough for the entire face and neck.

For blending the cream, I need to do extra 2 to 3 strokes then the other creams. But, after the skin absorbed the cream face looks bright with mild glow. This is matte look moisturizer, though it is not claiming to do. It gives a subtle glow to my cheeks. I didn't expect the whitening claiming of this cream. Still this cream enhance my natural skin colour. It makes my skin soft and smooth. I love to smell this cream very much.

After few hours my T-zone Became shiny, it will happens if I apply other creams too. This cream improving my skin's natural colour and texture slowly. I am happy with this cream and it is a good, affordable daily use moisturizer with goodness of herbal extracts.

My Likes with Vaadi Herbals White Radiance Fairness Moisturiser:
  • Affordable for this large quantity.
  • This creams will last long for maximum 1 and half month for sure.
  • Small amount of cream is enough for the entire face and neck.
  • This cream imports Skin's natural colour and texure.
  • This cream makes skin smooth and soft.
  • This cream gives a subtle glow.
  • No oily feeling and it is non greasy formula.
  • Awesome fruity fragrance.
  • No Breakouts...
  • Radiance - yes It makes my face radiant (believe me)
  • Herbal moisturizing cream, which is less risk of side effects.
  • Best for all skin types.
My Dislikes with Vaadi Herbals White Radiance Fairness Moisturiser:
  • Need extra strokes to blend, as the cream is thick.
  • No full ingredient list.
  • Offline availability issue.
  • No SPF.
My Final Verdict:
Vaadi Herbals White Radiance Fairness Moisturiser cream is a good moisturising cream for daily use for all skin types.Do try this product once Beauties, you will like it.

Hope My Review will be helpful for you all,
Share your thoughts and Stay Happy,
With Love Radha.

PS:Product sent by PR for Review purpose, My Review is honest as always.