7Heaven Nail Paints and Some Simple Nail Arts

My Recent Buys-7Heaven Nail Paints and Some Simple Nail Arts

Hello Beauties,
Today I am going to share my recent buys of some Nail
colours form 7Heaven Brand. It is new brand for me and found this nail colour
when I was searching for W7inc nail paints at Big Bazaar. This matte Nail
colours looks attractive and I have picked three shades Green, Rose and Sky
blue. Let’s see the NOTDs and swatches pictures.
7Heaven Nail Paints:

Nail art
My Recent Buys-7Heaven Nail Paints and Some Simple Nail Arts

My Recent Buys-7Heaven Nail Paints and Some Simple Nail Arts
Price 30 Rs

Quantity 10 ml
These Nail paints have good staying power and quick dry one.
They are staying on my nails up to 3 to 4 days. I use to work with water a lot.
Well pigmented, but need 3 to 4 coats to get a full coverage on nails. If you get a chance to go to big bazaar don’t forget to get this amazing nail paints. They are simply superb for the affordable price.
Now the NOTDs and the Nail arts I made with this nail

This is a pretty summer green shade which makes you feel fresh. I did a simple polka dot nail art by using this green colour nail paint as base. I painted my nails by green colour nail paint and then let it to dry well. I put polka dots on it by using a black colour nail paint. For polka dot design I used bottom of a tooth pick stick.

This is a reddish pink shade which I liked most. This is a shade that you can wear at any time and for any occasion. First I painted my nails by this dark pink colour nail paint and let it to dry completely. I did an asymmetric nail art by using the same tooth pick stick, for nail art I used a violet nail paint to make it beautiful.

I did this nail art by seeing a dress design. It came out well and I am so much happy with it. I have put small dots in between the stripes.

The coolest summer shade is this sky blue which is my all time favourite nail paint. This shade needs two strokes to get an opaque finish. I let it dry completely before started my nail art.

Also I have included some other Nail arts made by me Hope you all will like it 

This is a simple yellow green combination nail art without using any nail art tools and the below nail art is made up off two different nail colours polka dot.

This is a cat like nail art, I just used a waste eyeliner brush to make this stripes on my nails. It looks so cute.
The below nail art which is I made simply by using the nail paint brush. You can do it by using two different contrast colours simply.
Hope you all enjoyed my nail arts without using nail art tools, please do try it and let me know how it turned for you…

Hope you all loved my NOTDs,
Share your thoughts and stay Beauty,
 With Love Radha.