Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Inglot and MAC Shop Visit with My Blogger Friends

Hello Friends,
My last weekend was great and I met my blogger friends again at EA Mall, Chennai. It was very fun and useful meetup, we all went to shop for some lipsticks and eye shadows at Inglot shop. We are four girls me, Deepika, Raaga and Shweta all purchased some lipsticks and eye shadows from Inglot shop.

Inglot and MAybelline makeup stuffs
My Inglot and MAC Shop Visit with My Blogger Friends
I bought two pink lipsticks and one purple eye shadows from Inglot shop. I loved them very much. It was very fun and we all were doing swatch test on hands and lips. It was very funny, we all got excited and feel like to grab the whole Inglot store, Lols. Finally we have decided some shades and bought them. The SA girl is so sweet and she did the swatches patiently with me, when I was keep on asking different shades to try.

All girls must have the Inglot range eye shadows, they are so nicely pigmented and have lot of shades to choose. I have gone mad when I saw the Eye shadows. I bought one pearl finish purple eye shadow. I got Lipstick refills because of Deepika, Thank you so much dear.

The Inglot Haul:

Inglot Freedom system lipstick refills

The MAC Shop:

I wanted to try MAC foundation, am in a deep research for finding the right shade of foundation for me. As most of the foundations gave me a ghostly look or Ashy look :(. I have decided to buy MAC foundation, as I have heard so many good reviews about it. We went to the MAC shop, the Sales man may be he is a great makeup artist (who knows) asked me to sit in front of the mirror to do trial for finding the right shade.

He asked me to remove the makeup which I was wearing already, I did as he said. Then he started to paint me no, no I am joking, actually he started to apply the foundation on my face. After finishing the foundation application, he asked me to have a look and tell how it looks on me. I saw the mirror and honestly I didn't find any change. I asked My friends, they told it is very natural and perfect shade for me.

Later, I asked the makeup artist (I am calling him like this here) "can you please tell me the shade name". He told NW 43, thank God at last I found I have cool skin tone, and only yellow undertone foundations will suit me. Later, Shweta helped me to get a sample to try and I got this Tiny cute MAC sample foundation.

But wait, I am not cool skin tone girl actually, that MAC MUA mismatched the foundation, I have to check with another MUA in the store for the right shade.
MAC foundation sample

The foundation looks orange in colour, also darker than my skin colour. I have tried and honestly I am not at all satisfied as it doesn't makes much difference on my face. So, I quit the idea to buy MAC foundation again jumped into the research.

Later me, Deepika and Raaga went to Lifestyle shop to buy some Revlon lipsticks for Raaga. There I have bought Maybelline dream matte Compact powder.

Maybelline dream matte

Hope you will love my long Haul story....
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