Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish Review

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Hope everybody doing great, I am busy as usual and got some time to write this review. Today i am going to share Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polish Review. This is a pure herbal product and I got this as sample for review purpose from their brand. My face again filled with pimples, because of Himalaya nourishing cream. So, I was waiting to clear up my pimples and then try this product as I got this product long time back. Let’s see the Review…

About the Product:

Natural Skin whitening protects
Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish Review 

Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polish
Price 9.99 pound around 850 Rs

Quantity 30 mg
Shelf Life 6 months from opening

Product Description:

Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish a luxuriously silky powder that glides over skin to cleanse and polish.


Rice Powder, Coconut Milk Powder, Milk Powder, Honey Powder, Potato Starch.
Keep Container closed as prolonged exposure to air and water will contaminate product…

My Experience with Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polish:
This Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polish is coming in a sturdy plastic case, with scroll type lid. I didn’t find comfortable with this pack. The Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polish looks like milk powder with the milk smell and the texture is like very fine granules.

I have started using this Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polish as per the instruction. I have mixed it with little water and applied on my face and gently massaged by fingers, washed my face after few minutes. I didn’t find any whitening result, of course I can’t expect this within one time.

My face became reddish and got allergic rashes, Ohhh gosh I shouldn’t try this product on my sensitive skin. I have stopped using this product and again in the allergic treatment. The Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polish is not harsh on my skin, still I got allergic, It is because I have sensitive acne prone skin. This nothing special than a normal face scrub.

I don’t know why it caused allergy on me, may be because of my sensitive skin. I guess the starch thing caused redness on my cheeks. Anyway I hope this product will work for the girls who don’t have problematic skin like me.

My likes with Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polish:

Cute pack, travel friendly.
Herbal and natural ingredients.
The polisher is not harsh on my skin.
Will suits for Dry skin.

My Dislikes with Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polish:

This polisher is not for sensitive acne prone skin.
The smell is like milk powder, which is not pleasant to use all the time.
No whitening.
The package is little difficult for taking out the powder.
Pricey for the quantity.
Those who have allergic with milk couldn’t use this product.
Will not suits for Oily skin.

My Final Verdict:
Hello Glow Whitening Plus Polisher is a good herbal and natural scrubber other than a whitening product, will be a good scrubber for Dry skin. If anybody wants to try this product check www.roselinkuk.com
Hope you all find my review useful…
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PS: Product sent by PR for Review, My Review is honest as always.