Eyetex Dazzler Eyeliner Review and Swatches

Hello Beauties,

Today I am going to share my Favourite, daily wear and
Affordable Eyetex Dazzler Eye liner Review. I bought this eye liner long time
back; eyetex is a well-known brand for Kajal. I was using Eyetex Kajal during
my school days. Eyetex have all kind of cosmetics in affordable price. I have
completely forgot this brand as I am influenced with other brands. One day when
I was searching something in a super market, I found this eyetex eyeliner.
Letโ€™s see the Reviewโ€ฆ

About the Product:
Affordable eyeliners
Eyetex Dazzler Eyeliner Review and Swatches
Eyetex Dazzler Eyeliner
Price        35 Rs
Quantity 6.5 ml
Shelf life not mentioned

Product Description:
Not on the Eyeliner bottle.
Not Listed
My Experience with Eyetex Dazzler Eyeliner:
This is very cute and compact Glass eye liner pack with
scroll type Black colour lid. The applicator is very thin and for me it is very
easy to apply eye liner on my eye lids.
The eyeliner liquid is thick in texture black in colour. It
stays up to 4 to 5 hours on my lids and I wonโ€™t wear any makeup more than this
time so. I love its texture and easy to apply too. But, those who wants thick
eye line on the lids, they wonโ€™t like this applicator. But the eyeliner liquid
is very good.

There is no allergic or irritation reaction by this
eyeliner. This is very affordable which can be afforded by a poor school
student too. I want some good quality cosmetics should be available like this
prices which can be reachable for poor community too. I always think why makeup
should be for higher class people, no offence just I am thinking like that.
This eyeliner is very good quality and best for daily use, best
for college going girls. I have seen this Eyetex brand has lipsticks, compact powder and foundation for very affordable price. I am going to try them and do review soon. I have seen their lipsticks review on some of my fellow blogger’s blog and found it is very good for the price. But, I think the availability is an big issue that I couldn’t find this Eyetex makeup products easily in all stores.
My Likes with Eyetex Dazzler Eyeliner:

This eyeliner available for cheap rate.
This eyeliner quality is very good compared to its price.
I didn’t see any flakes off.
This eyeliner easy to apply.
It has thick texture and black in colour.
Eyetex is a good brand which I knew it from my childhood like Lakme.

My Dislikes with Eyetex Dazzler Eyeliner:

The applicator is so thin.
This eyeliner takes more time to dry.
The glass pack is hard to handle.
Some girls may not like this eye liner because it is little
watery in texture.
No product description and ingredient list mentioned.

My Final Verdict:
It is good branded eyeliner available for such a cheap rate,
so girls do give a try just. This will be helpful for school going girls…
Hope My Review will be helpful for you all,
Share your thoughts and Stay Pretty,
With Love Radha.