Vaadi Herbals Exotic Kiwi Soap Review

Hello Beauties,
Today I am going to share the review about Vaadi Herbals Exotic Kiwi Soap. I have reviewed some varieties of Vaadi herbals soaps already. I love their soap range very much, they all are awesome. I have bought two variety of soaps this time from, they are Exotic Kiwi soap and Perky peach soap. I am almost going to finish this Exotic kiwi soap, so let’s see the Review….

About the Product:

Best fruit flavored soaps
Vaadi Herbals Exotic Kiwi Soap Review

Vaadi Herbals Exotic Kiwi Soap

Price 38 Rs
Quantity 75 gm
Shelf life 36 months

Product Description and Ingredients:

This crystal clear soap is an effective formulation to truely and deeply cleanse your skin, this soap owes its efficiency to the rich vitamin C content of Kiwis and green apples. They rid the skin surface as well as the pores of dirt, germs and excess oil, while keeping it well moisturized and pampered.

Kiwi – Unclogs pores, hydrates skin, adds glow to the skin.
Green Apple Cleanses, tones and nourishes skin.

My experience with Vaadi Herbals Exotic Kiwi Soap:
The soap comes in a Green colour paper wrap, inside the cover again this soap covered by two layers of polythene covers.

It is green in colour and the smell is really exotic one. I love the smell of this Soap very much and it makes me feel so fresh after taking bath. My skin is also not feeling dry and I didn’t feel any urge to apply moisturizing cream after bath. This soap lathers very good and cleanse the skin very well as per the product description.

All I can say this soap makes my everyday bath as a pleasant and fragrance full experience, it leaves my skin soft and clean. I love this soap very much and my bath by this soap too. But, this soap melts like crazy and finish off very quickly πŸ™ .

Green apple is very good for making skin fresh and clean, better oily skin. The Kiwi fruit is really helpful in moisturizing your skin well. It is a juicy and healthy fruit. I am in search of green apple toner, because green apple is best for toning oily skin and controls oiliness as well.

My likes with Vaadi Herbals Exotic Kiwi Soap:

Affordable  and good quality.
Herbal ingredients.
Pleasant smell makes your bath wonderful experience.
Really exfoliates the skin very well.
Gives enough moisture to the skin.
No need of apply moisture cream after bath.
Lathers well and cleanse well.
Goodness of Kiwi and green apple

My Dislikes with Vaadi Herbals Exotic Kiwi Soap:

This soap melts very quickly.
No full ingredients list.
Available only through online

My Final Verdict:
Vaadi Herbals Exotic Kiwi Soap is a must try Soap, which gives you wonderful cleansed and moisturized skin with awesome smell. If you are a fan of fruit flavors you must try this yummy green jelly soap…
Hope My Review will be helpful for you all…
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With Love Radha.