Skinetica Anti Blemish Solution Review

Hello Beauties,
Acne and blemishes are the major factors for girls to worry. We all are searching solution for this problems. Here I have got a better solution is called Skinetica. The word Skinetica sounds good and interesting and this product from UK. I had big acne and blemishes once upon a time. But, now I have only small pimples here and there on my face and some few blemishes. I have started to use this solution just before a week. Now it is the right time to Review. Let’s see whether this Skinetica helped me to get rid of Acne and Blemishes.

About The Product:

Acne cure remedies
Skinetica Anti Blemish Solution Review

Fast acting skin cleaning kind to skin, Dermatologically tested, No side effects, Non greasy, No harsh chemicals, Non Toxic, Non staining.

Price – Their price range differs according to the place. For UK 9.99 Euros.
Quantity – 100 ml.
Shelf life – 2 years.

Product Description:


Purified water, ethyl alcohol, fragrance Quaternary ammonium chloride.


My Experience With Skinetica Anti- Blemish Solution:
Skinetica Anti Blemish Solution comes in a Sturdy white plastic bottle with Green colour Flip cap open. I love flip cap personally. It is travel friendly.

This solution is quite new to me and I was using Acnesol Solution for My problem. I was afraid to try this actually because, My skin is very sensitive. Finally decided to try this solution, and got into action. As per their instruction, I have cleansed my face well and let it dry completely. Then i have applied this solution using  Cotton.

The solution is a plain white watery one. It is colourless and the fragrance of this solution is very mild. The smell of the solution won’t disturb nose at all. It is non greasy and just like a plain flagrance water. When I apply it on my face It cools and soothes my skin gently.

Actually I had one new acne under my mouth. After started applying this solution, within two days that acne ran away from that place. My other small pimples and blemishes also got cleared. It is just like a miracle and there is no peel of on my skin, dryness, allergy nothing. What they claims all are true only.

My Likes with Skinetica Anti- Blemish Solution:

The sturdy package and Flip cap open are very good to use.
It does what is claims.
No harmful chemicals.
No skin peeling, dryness, and allergy.
Removes Acne within few days.
Also helps in the blemish removal by regular use.
Gives cooling effect when applied.
No greasiness.
Best for daily use under makeup.

My Dislikes with Skinetica Anti- Blemish Solution:

Availability will be the big problem.

My Final Verdict about Skinetica Anti- Blemish Solution:
It is the best solution for Acne and blemishes. Girls if you get a chance to try this don’t miss it. It is  an awesome product. For more details about this product check at Skinetica
Hope My Review will be helpful for you all,
Share your experience and Stay Beautiful.
With Love Radha.
Product Sent by PR for Review, But My Review is my honest opinion. 


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