Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pink and Plum Eye Makeup Using Maybelline Eye Tattoo and VOV Makeup Kit

Hello Beauties,
Variety of Eye Makeups is the trend nowadays. I am not that much familiar to eye makeup and still I am in learning beginner stage only. I have tried some eye makeups, but not satisfied that much. This pink and Plum eye makeup came out very well so I thought to do a post about this eye makeup. My eye makeup inspirations are from Wiseshe Anamika and Indianbeautyforever Niesha. I always read their eye makeup tutorial. I didn't click the pictures like step by step tutorial, because I didn't expect that this eye makeup will come out very nice.

Still I can explain how I did this eye makeup :). Hope you all will like my first eye makeup post.

Now The Pictures:

Party eye makeup
Pink and Plum Eye Makeup Using Maybelline Eye Tattoo and VOV Makeup Kit

plum eye makeup

The Products I have used For This Eye Makeup:

1. VOV Makeup Kit
2. Maybelline Hyper curl Easy wash Mascara
3. Lakme Eye Liner
4. Colorbar Eye Kohl
5. Maybelline Eye Tattoo Pomegranate Punk
6. Eye shadow applicator from Faces Makeup kit.

How I did this Eye Makeup:
First I have applied my foundation cream and compact powder as a base for eye makeup. I didn't do any eyebrow correction or filling eyebrow gaps, because I have no idea about this. If I do that it may not look nice,  so I have skipped that step.

Then I have applied Maybelline Eye tattoo in the middle of the eye lids. Later I have applied the dark brown eye shadow from VOV makeup kit on the V corners of my eye lids. The Maybelline eye tattoo is a great eyeshadow that has great pigmentation and creamy in texture. Easy to apply for beginners. Sometimes I use this eyeshadow alone for my eye makeup. The VOV makeup kit is an amazing eyeshadow collection kit. It has more than 8 unique shades for such an affordable price. Apart from some shades all eyeshadows has great pigmentation. The glitters in it looks gorgeous on the eyelids.

Finally I have finished the eye shadow application part by applying plum shade from VOV makeup kit on the brow bone part to highlight that area.

Then I have applied Lakme Eye liner, Maybelline Mascara and Colorbar Eye kohl. That is how I did it, my Eye makeup. The Maybelline Mascara is an awesome product that can make any dull eye makeup to look dramatic look. The colorbar kohl is a smooth and creamy eye kohl which I am loving currently. Everything including blending eyeshadows I did by using my fingers. I don't have any eye makeup brushes currently. Well the plum smoky look came out well.

Not bad, This eye makeup came out Nicely. you can try this plum eye makeup look for parties and beach outings. Well this makeup look will go good for wedding makeup too. I will do post more eye makeup looks in future, so please stay tuned Girls...

Hope You all liked my first Eye makeup post....
Do share your opinions......
Stay Beauty........
With Love Radha