Simple and Quick Hair Style Tutorial

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I am going to share about Easy Hairstyles. I have long hair with layer cut style. Short layers of hair will always come to front and disturb me when I do free hair style. Also I have long hair in the back side; I don’t feel comfortable with free hair style some times. So, I was trying a good hair style to set my front Layer cut portion and found two good hairstyles. They are very simple and look awesome.

Also these hairstyles made my makeup easy. How? πŸ™‚ Usually I will take more time for doing makeup, and only few minutes left for the hairstyle always. My hubby will start to star at me, and I will do a messy hairstyle for the last minute. This hairstyle part will ruin my whole makeup look. Now, I don’t have much worry about the time for makeup and hairstyle. It is almost balanced πŸ™‚ by this method.

Let’s see the Hair style Tutorial:

Hair styles for college and office
Simple and Quick Hair Style Tutorial 

Separate The Hair equally on both sides, it will look like in the 1st picture.
Then bring the front portion of the hair and comb it well.
Now twist the hair that you brought front in the previous step from top to bottom.
Set this twisted hair portion by a hair spray or plain water.
Now repeat this step to the other part of the hair too.
Place hairpins on both the set of twisted hair to set them firm and tight

The Final Look of this Hair Style:
Long hairstyles

The Same Hair Style with Different Hair Part:

For the above hair style separate the hair as shown in the picture
You need to take out the major portion of the hair and twist as shown the picture above
Place hairpins on both the set of twisted hair to set them firm and tight.
Leave the other portion of the hair as it is.
As shown in the picture below you can place hair accessories to make it more beautiful.

The Final Look:
These Hairstyles are looks very nice for all hair type and face shapes. You will need maximum 7 to 10 minutes time only. This is on the go hairstyle and looks attractive. Those who don’t like free hairstyles always do try this awesome hair styles and let me know how it came out. These Hairstyles will suits for all kind of outfits. Long Earrings will looks pretty for these Hairstyles. 

With this front twist up you can do ponytail. You decorate your hair style with flower slides like I did in the above picture. For long and silky hair use herbal shampoos and do oil massage with herbal oils weekly once or twice. This will induce blood circulation in your scalp and increase your hair growth well. 

Earring suggestions for hair styles, if you are doing ponytail hair style wear long danglers and hoops, if you leave your hair free wear studs like earrings.

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