My January Month Haul Post with Makeup and Beauty Accessories Products

Hello Friends,
The January 2013 ended, and the Feb started already. I have shopped a lot last month actually, not only cosmetics and skin care products, some home accessories also. I purchased some cosmetics, Hair accessories and some Earrings.

Makeup and beauty shopping
My January Month Haul Post with Makeup and Beauty Accessories Products 

As everybody knows that Big Bazzar announced a great discounts in all products, almost in all cities. I have shopped a lot there, but not only for me, for my home too. There was very big crowd while shopping at Big Bazzar. Actually there was a big demand for trolley lols. No place to move inside the Bazzar, and it was so funny experience. People were shopping like crazy. Their trolley all full and they were searching for another trolley to put their shopping things.

In the entrance I have noticed some Anne Andre products. I have asked about the price range to the sales girl. She told everything in detail and did swatches of some lipsticks on my hand. Finally I have bought only one Lip liner. Left side I saw a small hill of W7 Nail Inc Nail colours. Because of crowd around that nail colours I couldn’t search more shades, so picked up five nail colours. In the mean time My MIL started starring me. So, moved to other sections. One sales girl came to me and gave Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. What to do, bought that one too.

The other day I have shopped some Eyetex goodies, from a departmental store…… One Eye liner, Kajal, Loose face powder and two Nail colours.

Chennai girls must be aware of shop called “Saravana Stores”. I will visit there often for the Earrings and other accessories mainly. Always there will be big crowd and for this very reason some people don’t like to shop over there. I have bought some earrings and Hair clips.

Two Hair Clips were broken by My Kid 🙁 . New one, Because it looks like flower, he took it as a Toy and finally broke it into two pieces….

The another offer came from Reliance Trends “Buy for 1950 Rs and get 1950 Rs Dress for Free. My Hubby asked me to come with him, in my Eyes thousand WATS bulb, when he calls me to go to the shop. I went with him and got two beautiful Topz.

One is half white floral topz which will go great with dark jeans and tights, the other one is blue topz which I bought it for my light colour bottoms including jeans. This is such a pretty topz which I love currently very much. I love dresses and I use to hoard lot of dresses from my childhood. My favourite outfits are Anarkali suits, Salwar, Leggings and Topz. I like jeans but not much, because I never find comfortable with it. Leggings are a great bottom which you can combine with any kind of topz.

That’s all Girls…. Hope you all enjoyed my funny shopping experience…..
Share your thoughts about my haul…..
Stay Beauty……..
With Love Radha


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