Harini Herbals Mixed Flower Fairness Face Pack

Hello Beauties,
Today let us discuss about Fairness and How it can be achieved by natural methods. I am not telling here how to get fair skin from dusky skin. We all have our own skin colour from birth, it will be black, dusky, medium, Fair and Very Fair skin colours. I know it very well that dusky girls have to face some issues regarding their skin colour in the society.

I am a dusky girl and I personally know about the problems very well. I love my skin colour and the think is being dusky is not a problem, making the dusky skin colour to bright is the tricky. So, this is not meant that dusky girls can become fair by using a product or cream, they can make their skin colour bright. Also we all getting our skin tanned day by day, this tan makes our skin colour dull and dark.

There is a lot of products promising to make your skin fair and removing tan etc. They all are contains mostly harmful chemicals with side effects. Harini herbals came with a Herbal solution which can remove Tan and make your skin bright. Let us see about the product in detail…

About Harini Herbals Mixed Flower Fairness Face Pack:

Herbal fairness face packs
Harini Herbals Mixed Flower Fairness Face Pack

Harini Herbals Mixed Flower Fairness Face Pack
Price 150 Rs
Quantity 50 gm
Shelf life: 3 month after purchase

Product Description:
Directions to Use: 
Take a teaspoon of Harini Herbals Mixed Flower face pack, and mix it with rose water.

Apply all over your face and neck, leave it for 15 minutes and give a light massage from your neck downwards to upward direction and wash it off with plain cold water. You can see the difference for the first time itself. 

Do not use soap for 3 to 4 hours. This powder can be mixed with curd or milk for dry and combination skin. For oily & sensitive skin mix this powder with rose water.

Mazhilam Poo, Roja Poo, Aavaaram Poo, Almonds and Bengal green gram.

100% Pure herbal dry flower petals. No other chemical preservatives added. Our products are purely home made herbal 

About the Ingredients in detail:
1. Mazhilam Poo:
It is a small white flower from a big tree, I don’t know it’s English name. This flower smells like heaven.
2. Rose Flower:
This flower is well known for fairness and other skin care properties.
3. Avaram Poo:
This is a yellow flower collected from a plant which is usually found in a group of plants in the farming areas. I have read about this flower, that it has skin whitening properties.
4. Almonds:
I no need to say about this Almonds much as it is used for fairness treatment by us all the time. It is a nut variety and can be taken inside also Vitamin E rich food source too.
5. Green gram dhal:
It is also a well-known ingredient for skin fairness and skin softness. Most of Tamil beauties will use this as their HG face pack to get a bright and glowing skin.

This product sounds interesting. I am going to try this face pack myself soon and will Review. No need to say about the goodness of the above ingredients of this face pack as they are very good in skin brightening.
Hope you all will like this face pack…
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