Hibiscus Hair conditioning Powder for Natural Hair care

Hello Friends,
I am again coming with Harini Herbals Product Review. I think it’s been long time I have not reviewed any pure Herbal products. So, now going to review Harini Herbals Hibiscus powder. I will use Hibiscus powder often to condition my hair in a natural way. This habit is from my childhood by my Mom. We had a Hibiscus plant in our home, and My mom used to dry the hibiscus leaves and mix it with Sikkakai powder. My hair was very shiny and soft like silk. I have started to use shampoos and my hair lost it’s shine.

Now again I have started using Hibiscus powder to condition my hair. My hair again back to form like my olden day silky, soft and shiny. Harini herbals have Hibiscus hair conditioning powder and it’s hair oil too. I am using this powder for the past two months. Let’s see the review….

About the product:

Natural hair care methods

Harini Herbals Hibiscus Powder
Price 175 Rs
Quantity 150 gms
Shelf life 3 months from buy

Product Description and Ingredients:

Direction to Use:
Take 2 tablespoons of Harini Herbals Hibiscus Hair conditioning Powder and mix it with curd or Egg white. Make it like a thick paste, and then apply on your clean washed hair. Leave this mixture for 15 mns to 20 mns. Then wash it off with warm water.

Soft,Smooth and Shiny hair. It will stops hairfall and stimulates hair growth.

My Experience with Harini Herbals Hibiscus Hair conditioning Powder:
The package is comes in a thick polythene cover with instruction cover. The colour of the Harini Herbals Hibiscus Hair conditioning Powder is slight reddish and it will shown more when I mix with water. I have transferred the powder into a airtight container.

I use to mix it with water because my scalp is oily one, some times in winter I will use curd too. After washing really my hair became soft and shiny. This is very easy way to condition my hair. It will be helpful for dry hair beauties.

It will be a break for chemical conditioning of my hair at least for some time. I love to treat my hair in this way. You can also do try this powder on your free time to treat your hair in a natural way. There is no side effects and only positive results of soft, shiny and smooth silky hair. You can use it by mixing it with curd also. Curd also a best hair conditioning product, so that you will get double conditioned hair.

My Likes With Harini Herbals Hibiscus Hair conditioning Powder:

Pure and herbal product.
No chemical and side effects.
Very effective.
For the quality and quantity the price is affordable.
 Makes hair soft and shiny with less effort.

I have no dislikes…..
My Final Verdict about Harini Herbals Hibiscus Hair conditioning Powder:
Do try this wonderful hair conditioning treatment once, I am sure you will love it.
Hope My Review will be helpful for you all,
Share your thoughts and doubts and stay beauty,
With Love Radha