Friday, February 22, 2013

Hibiscus Hair Oil for Hair Care-Hair Fall Remedies

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Today i am going to share about a best solution for Hair fall and Hair related problems. The solution comes from the hand of Madhuvanthi, Harini Herbals Hibiscus Hair oil. We all know that Hibiscus is very effective in reducing hair fall and makes our Hair Shiny. Hibiscus flower, Hibiscus leaves all are useful and in village home's garden they must have this plant. They will prepare a hair pack from fresh Hibiscus leaves to take care of their hair and they will never complain about hair fall or hair damage. Note that I am also one of those village girl :). That's why I love Herbal and home made products very much.

About the Product:
Best hair oils
Hibiscus Hair Oil for Hair Care-Hair Fall Remedies
Harini Herbals Hibiscus Hair Oil
Price:    80 INR   
Quantity:  100 ml
Shelf Life: 1 year

Product Description and Ingredients Details:
Use Harini Herbals Hibiscus hair oil on your head and leave it overnight. This helps prevent premature aging of grey hair, nourishes the hair roots, controls hairfall. This oil also acts as a very good stimulant and helps in hair growth.

Ingredients added: 100% pure coconut oil and extraction of hibiscus flower, preserved in a natural way in dark glass container for 30 days.

Controls hair fall By using this oil avoid premature grey hair .Get thick and long hair by using Harini Herbals Hibiscus oil.

How to prepare hibiscus hair oil

This Hibiscus Hair Oil comes in a sturdy plastic bottle, the colour is red and the smell is same as hibiscus plant. Affordable price for the quantity and quality of the product. effective in control hair fall and hair damage. Makes Hair shiny, long and smooth. It is herbal made and 100% free from harmful chemicals. which never cause side effects for our hair.

How to Prepare Hibiscus Hair Oil in Your Home:
I am a township girl when before my marriage. We use to have a small garden inside my home which includes two to three Hibiscus plants. I love that dark red Hibiscus flower very much. My Mum use to collect those flowers with the leaves and dry them inside the dark room. After they dry up completely She make it as fine powder and boil it with pure coconut oil. Now that dark Red Hibiscus Oil  is ready to use. After cooling the oil completely, we will store it in a glass bottle.

Also She use to add those dried Hibiscus flowers and leaves in our sikhakai which we will use to take head bath instead of shampoo. This combo is great for shiny, thick and strong hair. I strongly believe that my long hair secret is my mom's hibiscus hair oil and the Shikakhi. Even though I use so many shampoos now after marriage, my hair will bounce back to normal after having some problems, because of the strong basic hair care in my childhood.

My Mom never allowed me to use shampoos when I am under her care, that time I feel slightly irritated. But, now I am feeling really thankful to my Mom. I miss your caring days Mommy... Love You...

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