Auravedic Pulpy Face Wash Rose and Saffron Review

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Today I am going to Review Auravedic Pulpy Face Wash-Rose and Saffron Anti ageing Face wash. Auravedic was an unknown brand for me, until I have received two of their products for Review. They are Auravedic Skin Lightening Polisher and Auravedic Pure Aloevera Gel .

Both products are awesome and results are Good. So, got inspired so much on their products. I was searching their face wash range on Flipkart. I found this Auravedic Pulpy Face Wash-Rose and Saffron sounds interesting.

They had some other face washes too. Still, I wanted to try this face wash and ordered it long time back. Now, I am going to finish this face wash and thought it is the best time to review about this face wash. Let us see the Review…..

About The Product:

Fairness face washes
Auravedic Pulpy Face Wash Rose and Saffron Review

Auravedic Pulpy Face Wash Rose and Saffron
Price 150 INR
Quantity 50 gms
Shelf life Might be 1 year (The Date erased by Water)

Product Description:
Free of Parabens/ SLS / Harmful Chemocals and Colours. Not tested on Animals, Due to the high concentration of natural ingredients, this product may not suitable for all skin type. So, this brand recommends to do a patch test before using.

This product face wash contains natural ingredients like Saffron and Rose, which can cleanse, detoxcify and save the skin from ageing. The skin will be perfectly cleansed, smooth and radient.

Jojoba Oil, Rose Oil, Almond oil, Saffron extract, Granium oil, Neroli oil, Khus oil, Honey, Omega 9 fatty acid, Coconut fatty acid,Rrose frangrance, Triehtheneamine.

My Experience With Auravedic Pulpy Face Wash-Rose and Saffron:

This is totally differnet face wash from others. The face wash coming in a white colour round sized plastic dubba. The smell of the face wash is like a Raw honey and also looks like the same. Scroll type lid which makes me feel uncomfortable all the time. Inside the face wash Dubba a white colour lid is placed to prevent leakage. But, it is total waste.

I was very eager to try this face wash. This face wash stings my eyes like hell. Oh My God it is like a chilly getting inside the eyes. My eyes got redness because of the irritation after washing by this face wash. This face wash won’t lather a bit.

But, My face feels smooth, soft and cleansed well after washing. But, whenever I apply this pulpy face wash on my face to wash, I feel applying honey on my face. This is sticky and not at all comfortable to use as a daily face wash.

I didn’t see any miracle changes by using this face wash and tolerating the yucky texture, eye irritation. At the same time this face wash did’t cause any allergy on my sensitive skin. Totally it was a bad experience with this face wash.

My Likes With Auravedic Pulpy Face Wash-Rose and Saffron:

Fully Natural Ingredients.
Paraben and SLS free.
Not tested on Animals.
Make skin soft and smooth.
This face wash imports a subtle glow on my cheeks.
Will suits for all skin type.
No Allergic reactions.

My Dislikes With Auravedic Pulpy Face Wash-Rose and Saffron :

This Face wash irritate Eyes.
Eyes are becoming reddish after washing face.
Not travel friendly packing.
Unhygienic package.
This face wash spills around the Dubba and the Dubba became messy.
Totally uncomfortable face wash.
Not for daily use.
Pricey for the quantity and quality.

My Final Verdict about Auravedic Pulpy Face Wash-Rose and Saffron :
This is not a Daily use Face wash and also uncomfortable to use. So, I won’t recommend this face wash for daily use. This can be used as a massage cleanser weekly once.

Hope My Review will be Helpful for you all….
Share your opinions about Auravedic Products….
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With Love Radha.