My Dec End and Jan First Haul Post

Hello Friends,
Hope everybody is doing good and I got some time to post about my small Haul which I have purchased from various places. The shopping I am done with urbantouch, Flipkart, Local medical and from Sammanita Modak’s blog sale(fellow Blogger). Let’s see the Haul post and pictures….

Things I bought from Sammanita (Toa) from her Blog sale are
Maybelline Dusky Mauve Lipstick Read the Review Here
Avon ultra rich lipstick in smokey quartz 
Maybelline Tattoo in Tenacious Teal REad the Review Here 
I got one lip gloss of VOV brand from her as a gift…I loved it a lot :). Thank you SAM 🙂

Maybelline lipsticks
My Dec End and Jan First Haul Post

She packed all lipsticks and the Maybelline color color Tattoo very well and they all reached to me in a good condition.

The Things I bought from Urbntouch are

Votre Eye cream Review Here I am loving it very much and it is very effective…
Colorlife Acetone free nail polish remover

I was searching for a good eye cream and testing with so many eye creams, Votre is a new brand here and I saw this eye cream at urbantouch online shopping website while browsing for a good eye cream. I have seen some good reviews on this product, so I bought this one for me.

I bought This affordable nail polish remover from colorlife and it is acetone free product. This is pretty good for the price.

Urbantouch online website is a good place to shop beauty products and their black boxes wow!!! I am a big fan for them. I use to store my makeup products in it. They deliver products within few days from your ordering date. I love their service totally.

Things I bought from Flipkart are

Fabindia Rose water Read the Review Here
Auravedic Rose and saffron Pulpy face wash Read the Review Here

I loved Fabindia’s Lavender toner which is very good for my sensitive skin. Now after that I wanted to try Fabindia’s Rose water which got so many good reviews. So I bought this product from I have used some Auravedic products already and they worked well for my oily acne prone skin. So, I have ordered their Auravedic Rose and saffron pulpy face wash. is very fast in their delivery and their packaging is also good as well. They have lot of beauty products to shop.

Things I got from Local Medical store are
Cetaphil cleansing lotion Read the Review Here
Acnesol Lotion Read the Review Here

Both of this products are recommended by my dermatologist Dr when I had severe skin infection and till date I am using this two products on my skin care regime. The cetaphil cleansing lotion is a very good product and my HG cleansing lotion. This cleansing lotion got so many good reviews among beauty bloggers. Acnesol is the best solution for acne and breakouts for my problematic skin.

I will review all this products soon and stay tuned with our blog for more information…

Hope you all loved my Haul post
Share your comments and stay beauty…
With Love Radha…


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