Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review

Hello Beauties,
Today I am going to review Fabindia Facial Rose water. I was using FabIndia Lavender Facial Toner and also Reviewed it HERE. I loved The Lavender Toner very much, It was very useful for me during the winter. I have finished two bottles of Lavender Toner. Later, I have decided to try Their Rose water. So, bought this one last month. Let’s see the Review of Fabindia Rose Facial Water…

About The Product:

Herbal rose toners for skin
FabIndia Rose Facial Water Review

FabIndia Rose Facial Water
Price 175 Rs
Quantity 100ml
Shelf Life 36 Months
Available in Fabindia outlets and online stores

Product Description & Ingredients:

Fabindia Rose Facial Water our 100% plant based soothing water is collected during the steam distillation of flowers while extracting essential oils. 
Distillate of natural rose petals.

Other Notes:

My Experience with FabIndia Rose Facial Water:
The Packing is so cute and handy, with Rose colour paper wrap. Easy Spray type Toner, and this toner looks like a plain water with very mild Rose smell. I am loving this smell very much. The Spray dispenser is so cute. I love FabIndia products, because they are against animal testing.

To be frank I have not noticed any miracle change after started using this Rose water. But it is very easy to use and easily get absorbed by skin than the other Toners. I am in love with this mild rose smell. But, I didn’t find anything special in this toner as I have read so many good reviews about this Rose facial toner.

This Toner has no moisturizing property, and may not suitable for dry skin beauties. It helps to control oil secretion in my Facial skin. Actually according to my knowledge, Rose has good moisturizing property. But, I don’t know why this rose facial toner has no moisturizing power. Dry skin beauties better stay away from this toner.

I am feeling instant freshness after spraying this toner on my face, and gives a cooling effect on my eyes especially. But, I didn’t find this toner is better than my previous Rose water Toner banjara’s Rose Water and it is pretty pricey too for a rose toner.

My Likes with FabIndia Rose Facial Water:

Fabindia Products against Animal Testing.
This Rose facial toner has no Alcohol.
Controls oil secretion.
A mild Rose fragrance is a plus point for this toner.
Cute pack and Easy spray dispenser.
Suitable for oily skin beauties.
Gives instant freshness and cooling effect.

My Dislikes with FabIndia Rose Facial Water:

No Moisturizing power and not suitable for Dry skin Beauties.
It is little pricey and needs a little more Toner for application.

My Final Verdict about FabIndia Rose Facial Water:
It is Good Rose Facial toner which is suitable for oily skin, But bit Pricey. I didn’t find any good point in this product to switch over to this product from the Lavender facial toner. So, I will continuing with my old toner once I am done finishing this one.

Hope This Review will be helpful for you all,
Share your experience with me about Toners,
With Love Radha


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