Colorbar Indian Eye Khol Jet Black 001 Review and Swatches

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review My Favourite Kajal or Kohl from Colorbar. I am a Kajal addict and collecting variety of Kajal (this collection is not by collecting with intreste, it is because I am in the search of a good smudge proof Kajal :p). I was using Lotus Herbals Kajal and loved it a lot, though it  smudging a little. I am already using colorbar Eye shadow and Blush. Both are amazing and pigmented. So, inclined in trying this Kohl as well. I can Say I am almost end up my searching of good Kajal after picked this one :). Let’s see the Review……….

About The Product:

Best black kajal
Colorbar Indian Eye Khol Jet Black 001 Review and Swatches

Colorbar Indian Eye Kohl Jet Black
Price – 150 INR
Quantity – 4g
Shelf Life – 2 years

Product Description:

It Is smooth to apply. Gives the eyes a dramatic jet black colour.It Is wax based and creamy, making it easy and soft to apply on the eyes.It Has Vitamin E and Castor oil which keep the skin smooth and conditioned.


Carnauba Wax USNF, Candellila, Cetyl Palmitate, Ozokerite wax, Soft Paraffin, Lanolin Anhydrous, Vitamin E, Methyl Paraben, Castor Oil, Black oxide, Carbon Black, Camphor.

My Experience With Colorbar Indian Eye Khol Jet Black :

The Eye Kohl’s pack is in silver colour, also the Eye Kohl also in silver colour. The Kohl’s tip has a transparent lid.

I was very curious to try this Kohl, and after receiving it immediately applied on my Eyes :). Awww this Kohl glides on my Eyes like a butter. I didn’t feel any irritation or tugging. It is creamy in texture and have a mild fragrance of Camphor. That is lovely and with in one swipe I got the intense Black colour. My eyes are thanking me for this wonderful Kohl. It staying for long time, I have experimented this Kohl when I go for long outing. This doesn’t smudge at all, Believe me Girls it is staying for long hours and not getting grease on my oily lids :).

The Swatches and ETODs

In water line It may need some more swipes to get intense Black colour. This is Lovely and making my Eyes extra beauty all day. I have no allergic and irritation with this Kohl, that is extra happy for me.

My Likes With Colorbar Indian Eye Khol Jet Black:

Travel Friendly and Easily available at any Cosmetic store.
Affordable price compare with it’s quality.
Gives a very nice Intense Black lines when I swipe it on my Eyes.
Can be used as an Eye Liner and as a Kajal.
No irritation occurs when I apply it on My water line.
No SMUDGING (I have read some other Reviews about this KOhl that says it smudges).
Stays for a long time with out greasing on My Eye lids.
Smooth and Creamy texture.
Glides easily on the eye and gives a perfect finish

My Dislikes With Colorbar Indian Eye Khol Jet Black :

Need Two to Three Swipes to get a good Black Colour in the Water line.

My Final Verdict of Colorbar Indian Eye Khol Jet Black is It is a Wonderful Kohl and Kajal which is not Smudges. So, Just go for it Girls….. 🙂

Hope This Review will be useful for you all…..
Share your comments and Stay Beauty….
With Love Radha


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