Affordable Nail Colours from W7 Brand Review and Swatches

Hello Beauties,
How are you all, I am doing good. Recently I have bought some Nail colours from W7 Inc Brand. This brand is quite new to me, and the colours tempted me to buy. I have bought this Nail colours from Big Bazzar. There in a drolly they have displayed this Nail colours like a small mountain. They have almost all the possible colours in this brand. The colours are eye catching and attractive. I wanted to take all the colours as much as possible, hehehe. But, I have controlled myself and took only Five colours. They had glitter and matte varieties in the show case.

Here Comes The Five Nail Colours and The Swatches:

Affordable nail polish
Affordable Nail Colours from W7 Brand Review and Swatches
About The W7 Nail Inc:
The Nail colour gives a cooling effect when I apply on my nails. The smell also not that much strong. Staying power is above average. Cute square glass pack with black plastic scroll type lid.

The Swatches:

I loved this shade very much, this is matte type. But, I got disappointed when it looks patchy after applying. The colour is not spreads evenly on the nails. This shade Taking a long time to dry. After drying up the shade really looks cool on the nail. The same thing applies for the Matte Sky Blue Shade. This two shades needs more patience to apply evenly.

But The Matte Black shade is awesome, it is totally opposite to the above shades. It dries off quickly and spreads evenly on the nails. Gives an intense Black colour on the Nails. I can say that it is a Perfect black shade for affordable price. This black shade gives opaque finish with shiny black nails. Best for nail art base purpose.

The Glitter Nail Shades Green and Black:
I saw so many shades in the glitter variety. Still, I have bought this two shades only. Because, I thought it may look patchy. But, the reverse thing happened. The matte nail paints looking patchy, and the glitter nail paints are just marvelous. They have Great pigmentation and long staying power.

The only thing is the removing of this glitter nail colours is such a hard task for me πŸ™ . But, they looks really good on my nails, I am loving these Glitter nail colours a lot.

My likes with This W7 Nail Inc:

These Nail colours are Affordable.
Glitter variety from this Nail Inc is awesome and pretty good.
Beautiful collections of shades.
Cute pack.
Easily available at Big Bazzar.

My Dislikes with This W7 Nail Inc:

Matte Nail colours are totally waste.
But the Black shade is awesome and perfect.
Matte Nail colours takes long time to dry.

My Final Verdict about This W7 Nail Inc:
It is a wonderful Nail colour for affordable price, So, Girls try it just for fun. Don’t miss to shop the glitter nail paints from this range. They simply superb for their cheap price and you can play with glitter nail colours… 
Hope you all will like my Nail Swatches,
Stay beauty and share your comments with me,
With Love Radha