Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soya+Stratys Review

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Hope all are doing good. Today I am going to Review Vaseline Total Moisture
Pure Soya+Stratys Moisturising cream. This is old version of Valeline Moisture
range. I have forgot to bring My Moisturising lotion when I am going to my
Mom’s house. There I found This Cream which My mom is using for winter. Vaseline is not a new one for me. I love vaseline body lotions very much in fact they are my HG body moisturizer for all the time. I use cocoa body lotion from vaseline and aloe fresh body lotion for summer. so started using this body lotion for the rest days and
here is the Review…..

About the Product:
Vaseline body lotions
Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soya+Stratys Review  
Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soya+Stratys 24hr Nourishing Lotoin For
Touchably Soft, Smooth Skin

Price   129 INR
Quantity  300 ml

Product Description:
It gives multi layer and 24 hr protection with the goodness of Soya.


My Experience With Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soya+Stratys Moistursing

The  is Light Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soya+Stratys comes in a yellow coloured sturdy plastic bottle. It is travel friendly. The Cream is white in
colour as usual and it is semi liquid. It has Flip cap open and easy to take the
cream out. It smells pleasantly and moisture My skin very well. The moisturise
comes for a few hours only, not for 24hr. It leaves skin smooth and soft and
looks little greasy. But, for this winter dryness this lotion helps a lot to overcome the problem really.

This body lotion absorbs on the skin easily, during winter this lotion is simply working great. But for summer it leaves my skin little greasy. But that will vanish in no time. This cream hydrates skin well and leaves it smooth.

This is something normal moisturizing lotion nothing special and I didn’t found any great thing with this body lotion than Vaseline cocoa body butter one. I may not buy this in future.

Naturally you can keep your skin moisturized after bath. Mix coconut oil and olive oil in equal quantity and heat it slightly. Apply this warm oil on your skin liberally and massage it well. Leave this oil mixture on your skin for 1 hour. Now take bath using besan or mild herbal soap. After bathing you can see the glow, smooth and supple skin. This is the best remedy for dry skin.

My Likes With Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soya+Stratys moisturising

It is a very good Sturdy pack with Flip cap open
It moisturise well and smells good
It leaves the skin Soft and Smooth.
Affordable and best price for the quantity.
Goodness of Soya and Stratys and the staying power is good.

My Dislikes with Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soya+Stratys Moisturising

It contains Parabens.

My Final Verdict about Vaseline Total Moisture Pure Soya+Stratys: 
It is a Good Moisturising Lotion For Winter….. I think it is available in small size also can carry around with us :), I love cocoa body lotion more than this one. 

Hope This Review will be helpful for you all.
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