Home Made Cuticle Oil For Nails Simple DIY Method

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Here is DIY Recipe Contest Entry No-2 Home Made Cuticle Oil For Beautiful Nails by Radha. Her Blog is full of Reviews and DIY Recipes. She is a Home maker and having one Cute Kid.

Now Let us See Her Home Made Cuticle Oil DIY Recipe:
Hello Friends, When it comes to taking care of our hands, cuticles, the skin immediately around the fingernails, are often neglected. But they too contribute to give hands a beautiful and neat appearance, and, when they are badly damaged, they may put skin at risk of infection. One of the most important things to do to keep your cuticles in great condition, is to use a good moisturiser or cuticle oil. Making your own is really easy.

Let Us See The Preparation Method……

Things You will Need For prepare This Cuticle Oil:
1 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tablespoons of almond oil
1 tsp of Lavender Essential Oil
1 vitamin E capsule (cut it to get the oil from it, this is for extra nourishment)

Nail care tips
Home Made Cuticle Oil For Nails Simple DIY Method

First of all I want to keep this is in a recycled nail polish bottle, here is the way I recycle my bottle
I just pour out the dried or unused nail paint from the bottle and keep some nail remover into it and
shake well so that every corner is cleansed with acetone.

Then I use a cotton swab to clean the inside corners and so, I also clean the brush with acetone and cotton.
Yeah I am ready with a bottle to keep my cuticle oil.

Pour one tablespoon each of olive oil n almond into a bowl and a teaspoon of your favourite essential oil,
here I have used lavender oil and mix all the oils well.

 Steps Involved in this process:

Use a dropper to pour the oil into the empty nail polish bottle
Pull the oil into the dropper from the bowl
Fill the nail polish bottle with this oil
Viola! I am done with my new cuticle oil…

The Final Product:

See how it works on my nails!!!

Store this cuticle nail oil as I said and enjoy your shiny nails. Cuticle oil helps to get shiny and strong nails. Cuticle oil makes your nail beautiful and refreshed. It will help you to recover your polished and tired nails to it’s original form. The yellow strain caused by the nail paints will be removed by regular usage of cuticle oil. To make your nails beautiful and strong =er do use almond oil on nails. 

To do a Mani you need beautiful and neat nails. Maintain your nails by soaking them in olive oil for 20 minutes to make them soft and shiny. If your nails became different from its original colour you must have some health issue. Nails are the mirror to detect your health probelms. If it is pale you may have anemic problem.

Hope You All will like This wonderful DIY Cuticle Oil Recipe…..
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