Skin Brightener and Anti Tan Prebath Treatment at home

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Here Goes The DIY Recipe By Raji:
This Treatment is highly beneficial for tanned, dry skin. This treatment helps in lightening marks, makes skin smooth, nourished and glow with a health. My body skin is Normal to dry, fair to wheatish complexion and prone to tan by nature and this was treatment was very helpful.

Things Needed For this DIY Recipe:
1. Gram flour.
2. Kasturi haldi/ Manjal.
3. Coconut oil.
4. Loofah or some sponge to scrub the skin without being harsh.
5. lavender or some nice smelling oil (optional)

How to remove skin Tan from home
Skin Brightener and Anti Tan Prebath Treatment at home

Method Of Preparation:
Mix equal proportions of Gram Flour and Kasturi Manjal/haldi with coconut oil. Apply the mixture on your wet skin and leave it for two minutes. Then, rub the mixture off in circular motions using a wet loofah. Bath as usual.

Benefits of Ingredients:
1. Gram Flour is said to have skin brightening properties.
2. Coconut oil is an excellent skin tonic and moisturiser.
3. Kasturi haldi is an excellent anti acne and anti tan ingredient and it also helps in discouraging
hair growth.

The only drawback with this treatment is the smell of coconut oil and besan. But I am over looking
this as I simply love the way my skin glows after the treatment. You can add a drop of lavender oil if
the smell bothers you way too much as lavender oil will smells wonderful and soothe your senses. If you are not allergic with lemon juice, use can use it alone to remove your Sun tan naturally.

There is an another wonderful method to remove Sun tan easily is Take 1 spoonful of tomato juice and one spoonful of curd, now mix it with 2 spoonful of besan powder, make it like a thick paste. Now apply it on your face and neck. After the face pack completely dried, wash it off with cool water. Now you can see the immediate brightness on your face. Do this method weekly twice, until your sun tan goes totally.

Another wonderful remedy for removing sun tan is apply cool rose water thrice a day. Apply buttermilk on your skin thrice a day. Do it regularly for better results. Mixture of honey and glycerin also helps a lot in this purpose. Apply fresh Papaya pulp and curd mixture on your tanned skin liberally. After 20 minutes wash it off with cool water.

Don’t miss Sunscreen lotion with high SPF maximum 50 to 60+++ when you are going out. This will helps you to stay away from skin tanning. Wear cooling glasses and carry an umbrella to prevent tan.

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