Auravedic Pure Aloevera Gel with Green Tea & Pomegranate Review

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Another Good Product from Auravedic for Natural, organic and Herbal Skin care product lovers like me :). It’s Auravedic Pure Aloevera Gel with Green Tea & Pomegranate. Let us see the review in detail…

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Auravedic Pure Aloevera Gel with Green Tea & Pomegranate Review

I always prefer Fresh aloevera gel from the plant. I have got attracted towards this Gel because it is free from Parabens, and from harmful chemicals also with Green tea and Pomegranate :). This is also a multipurpose Gel. So inclined to try out and see the results. Let’s see the Review…….

About The Product:

Auravedic Pure Aloevera Gel with Green Tea & Pomegranate
Price   –  225 INR
Quantity  – 100 gms
Shelf Life – 2 years

Product Description:

 Made from 100% pure Aloevera Gel, without all the chemicals. One of the nature’s most effective skin Conditioners, Aloe soothes and hydrates the dry, rough and sun burned skin on contact.


Aloevera Extract, Green Tea, Tea Tree, Wheat Germ Oil, Avocado Oil, Lemon Oil, Olive Oil, Pomegranate oil, Grape seed Oil, Jojoba oil, Carbomer, Phenoxyethonal, Ethylhexylglycerine.


Apply regularly and generously to skin area to soothe minor burns, Sun burns, Cuts, Bug bites and stings. Ideal for use as a daily moisturiser, hair styling gel and Shaving Gel.

Special features of the Product:

Company requests us to do patch test before use.

My Experience with Auravedic Pure Aloevera Gel with Green Tea & Pomegranate:
The packing is a transparent sturdy plastic tub and with a scroll type lid. The Gel looks in white colour and smells awesome. The lemon smell is the dominant in this gel. The texture of the gel is creamy and thick. Inside the lid there is a weightless top to cover the gel to prevent from getting messy.

 I am using for the past 3 days regularly, and the results are wonderful. It is doing great job on my skin. It is a non greasy gel and makes my skin firm and soft. It leaves no residue on my skin as some gel tend to peel after applying. It is absorbed by the skin in seconds. Gives a subtle glow, I like subtle glow very much. It calm down my irritated sensitive skin very well and soothes very nice. After applying on the skin it gives a cooling effect like a cool breeze passing your face.
There is no doubt it will even out skin by regular use. I loved the smell it is very sweet. They said it can be used as hair styling gel. Yet to try as my hair is now not in condition to test at all. Also as after shaving gel, so gave some gel to hubby for applying. He told wow so cool I need it mine….hahaha. Now we both fighting for this gel and sharing :).
It is multipurpose and wonderful gel which I have never used, and fulfil my all desires. It is best for non greasy daily moisturiser.
My Likes with Auravedic Pure Aloevera Gel with Green Tea & Pomegranate:
It is Free Parabens and harmful chemicals.
It is Non Greasy Gel.
It smells very good Lemon like smell.
It smooths and soothes the irritated sensitive skin very well.
It makes skin supple and glow.
It makes skin Firm also.
Multipurpose gel.
Won’t peel off after applying.
Easily absorbed and spreads on the skin.
It is best gel for daily use.
Small amount is enough.
Company itself warns to do patch test.
My Dislikes with Auravedic Pure Aloevera Gel with Green Tea & Pomegranate:
Again the packing is the problem for me, if it is tube it will be hygienic for all.
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Note:This Sample sent by PR company and My Review is My honest opinion it is not a paid Post