Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap Review

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Today I am going to Review Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap Anti Pigmentation Therapy. This is My third Soap from Vaadi Herbals. They have so many varieties of soaps and I am so much interested in trying them. So, this Soap claims Anti Pigmentation, I have bought this one for testing. Going to finish this Bar almost, so going to Review about this Soap…….

About The Product:

Rose soaps
Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap Review

Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap – Anti Pigmentation
Price:       35 INR
Quantity:  75 g
Shell life:  36 months
Available in online stores

Product Description:

A powerful anti-pigmentation formula, this soap clears dark spots patches of your skin, as it cleanses it. English rose astringency and rich in vitamin C content that helps fade away the pigmentation marks, while mulberry’s arbutin inhibits melanin synthesis, thus preventing pigmentation.

English Rose: Lightens pigmentation mark and tones skin,
Mulberry: Controls melanin production, prevents pigmentation.

For external use only. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct Sunlight.


Extract of English rose and mulberry, rose oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil.

My Experience With Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap :
This is a dark Rose colour Bar looks like a yummy jelly bar and comes in a usual soap packing. I was expecting the soap will smells like a fresh Rose flower. But, this soap exactly smells like a hair removal cream, yuk. I don’t like the smell totally. The colour of the soap looks Awesome and tempting.

It lathers well and cleans the skin well. But, This soap is not like other Vaadi Herbals Soap which I have tried before…..because, other Soap won’t leave skin dry or stretchy. This soap leaves skin little dry. But, It brightens my skin colour, that I can see after bath. Still I am not comfortable with this Soap.

They claims anti-pigmentation which is not much visible even after using this soap totally. This soap has olive oil, rose oil, coconut oil which are good in skin moisturizing. But, this soap totally fails to moisturize skin and leaves skin little dry. Rose can do skin brightening really, but in this soap I think rose is inactive ingredient, otherwise this soap can smell nice and do what it claims. I loved Vaadi Herbals Indian Khus soap, Lavender soap very much.

My Likes with Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap :

Good Handmade and organic Soap.
It removes pigmentation up to some extent.
Lathers and cleans well.
Affordable price.
Goodness of essential oils.

My Dislikes With Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap :

I hate the smell totally.
You must need Moisturising cream after bath.
Not much visible difference in anti-pigmentation. 
Availability only through online stores

My Final Verdict about Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap:
I had great expectations about this Rose soap and it is totally a dud product, which fails to moisturize skin and doesn’t do any Anti-pigmentation thing. So, I won’t buy this soap again.

Hope This Review will be useful for you all…..
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