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Lass Naturals Mint and Cucumber Face Freshener & Toner Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review Lass Naturals Mint & Cucumber Face Freshener & Toner. I have bought this to try some different Toner other than Rose water. In this They said it has Anti-Bacterial properties and will prevent acne's and pimples. So, I Bought this one.

About The Product:
Mint toner for oily skin
Lass Naturals Mint and Cucumber Face Freshener & Toner Review
Lass Naturals Mint & Cucumber Face Freshener & Toner - Cleansing & Soothing
Enriched with natural Vit-E
Price: 145 INR
Shell life: 2 years
Quantity: 100ml

Lass Naturals Mint & Cucumber Face Freshener & Toner is a great way to instantly freshen up the Face, removing dirt & cleansing pores. This tones skin, controls excesses oil and tighten pores. Active herb protects skin from Acne Causing bacteria & prevent pimples. It prevents skin irritation, leaves skin soothed.

Rose water, Cucumber water, Green tea extract, Vegetable glycerin, Glycolic acid (Fruit derived), Natural Vit E (Tocoperal), Wheat germ Extract, Pottasium Sorbate.

Close your Eyes, Spray on to the face and allow the freshness absorb by the skin and wipe with a cotton cloth if needed.

My Experience with Lass Naturals Mint & Cucumber Face Freshener & Toner :
It is a cute little sturdy plastic bottle with transparent lid. The Bottle also transparent one. The Liquid is looks mild green colour. The tip of the Toner bottle has the spray lid.

First time I have used it by spraying it on a cotton and then tabbed on my Face. The smell of the is raw smell of Green thing, i think it is the smell of mint and cucumber and this smell annoying me every time when I applied. Also this toner forms a white mild lather on my face. I am not feeling good about it. After two days My Pimples got reduced, But still I felt some uneasy feeling with this toner. This Toner is little harsh for my sensitive skin. It has some drying up nature so that it cures pimples in this way......But the lathering, and the Raw smell everything made me stopped using this Toner.

I always prefer alcohol free toner and should be very plain and no spray one. So, I have decided to switch over from this toner.

What I like with Lass Naturals Mint & Cucumber Face Freshener & Toner :
  • Alcohol Free
  • Not tested on Animals
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Fully natural ingredients
  • It controls Acne and pimples
  • It controls oiliness on Face
  • Goodness of mint and Cucumber
  • Travel friendly

What I don't like with Lass Naturals Mint & Cucumber Face Freshener & Toner :
  • Raw smell may annoy some Gals like me
  • Little harsh for sensitive skin
  • Not for Dry skin Gals
  • Lathers slightly when apply.
  • I couldn't feel any freshness because am not comfortable when applying this Toner.
  • Availability only through their website

My Final Verdict is this is a Toner For Those who love Spray mist and have Acne problem also have Oily Skin. This is not a Toner for those who have Sensitive skin and wants a mils Toner with pleasant smell.

Hope this Review will be helpful for you all.....
Please share your Thoughts....
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  1. Toner with anti bacterial properties, sounds good !!

  2. Sounds really good. Putting in my list

  3. I prefer home made rose water but shall give it a try :)

    1. Even me too loves Rose water always Aka :)


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