Lass Naturals Aloevera Hydro Gel With Gold Review

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Today I am going to review Lass Naturals Aloevera Hydro Gel With Gold. This the 3rd product am going to review and already reviewed The Face wash and Toner from this Range. Let’s see about the gel…

About The Product:

Lass Naturals Aloevera Hydro Gel With Gold is a Multipurpose and non greasy gel.


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Lass Naturals Aloevera Hydro Gel With Gold Review

Lass Naturals Aloevera Hydro Gel With Gold
Price: 125 INR
Quantity: 100gm
Shell life: 2 and half years

Lass Aloe Vera Hydro Gel with Gold is a multipurpose, non-greasy gel for all skin types and all parts of the body. It forms a protective barrier that helps retain moisture and promotes healing. Provides effective relief from UV burns, hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, pimples, acne, minor burns, wounds and cuts.

Rose water, Alo Vera juice, Gel base, Natural vitamin E, Gold leaf.

For the results, apply liberally to the area where needed. Apply before makeup to prevent harsh ingredients to enter the skin.

Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

Paraben and Pathalates free
A Hypo Allergic Ayurveda Product

My Experience with Lass Naturals Aloevera Hytro Gel With Gold :
This is a nice light colour green pack same like face wash pack. It has flip cap open which is very easy to drop gel on my hands. This gel is a gift for oily skin Beauties and gives a matte look with moisture. This gel is in white colour because of Gold leaf with it I think.


I am in love with this gel and I am using this gel whenever I feel like to apply for sunburns etc. I have kept this gel on fridge and after return from a hot sun I will apply this gel. It gives a cooling and soothing effect. It dries out small pimples, but not big Acne. I didn’t see any fade off of my Pimple marks. In the evening times I use this as my make up base and it helps my foundation blends well on my face. It is totally non-greasy and quickly absorbed by the skin.

It has nice smell and easy to apply. All I can say it is truly a Multipurpose gel. It is safe on your skin as it is free from all harsh chemicals. My husband also using it after his saving.

My Likes With Lass Naturals Aloevera Hytro Gel With Gold :

Non Greasy
Suitable for all skins
Gives cooling and soothing effect.
Easily absorbed by skin .
Can be used as moisturiser for face and mixed with foundation etc.
Paraben and Pathalets Free.
Not Tested on Animals
Natural ingredients
Hypo allergenic products.
Multipurpose Gel.

My Dislikes with Lass Naturals Aloevera Hytro Gel With Gold :

Bulgy pack
Available through only their Website.

My Final Verdict about Lass Naturals Aloevera Hydro Gel With Gold: It is a wonderful Multipurpose Aloe vera Gel and will be useful for All Beauties…

Hope this review will be useful for you all
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