Herbals Bath Powder for Soft and Acne free skin

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Today I am again coming with a Harini Herbals Bath Powder Review. I have already gave an intro about this Bath Powder in my Blog. I received a sample packet of this Bath powder when I hauled with Harini Herbals. Actually I got this for my mom, She is suffering by her dry Skin. She always prefers Bath Powders than Soap. Last time I gave her Khadi Soaps, for winter. This Winter I have sent this Bath powder for her. This is the Review is By my Mom via me.

About The Product:

Herbal bath powders for skin problems
Harini Herbals Bath Powder For Beautiful Skin Review

Harini Herbals Bath Powder For Beautiful Skin
Price   –  225 INR
Quantity – 250 gm
Shell Life  – use within 2 months from the Date of Purchase

Product Description:
How to use it: Take 1 to 2 spoon of Harini Herbals ayurvedic herbal bath powder, mix it with
a little quantity of water and make it into cream base. Now you can have your natural, fresh,
fragrance bath with Harini herbals Bath powder. This bath powder is prepared especially for
ladies and kids. This powder gives glowing and shining to the skin. Keeps away pimples and

Ayurvedic Bath Powder
Feel the freshness of herbal bath which have the qualities of herbs, flowers, leaves etc. In this
pack 21 types of herbs are included, flowers like jasmine,basil leaves, cucumber seeds, nut grass,
thavanam, hibiscus, asokapatti, jathipathiri, vettiver, kasthuri turmeric, poolan kilanghu, nutmeg,
ellupai poo, aavaram poo, mazhilam poo, rose petals, marikolunthu, neem leaves, vepampoo
lavender, orange peel, lemon peel, whole skinned bengal gram etc and much more herbs added.

NOTE: Our all products can be used by both gender male and female. Age from 4 to 50+

My Mom’s Experience With Harini Herbals Bath Powder For Beautiful Skin:
My Mom started using it immediately after she received this powder. She says The smell of the powder is os good and she loves it very much. It lost longs for some time. It leaves the skin soft and refreshed. Also It cleans well. It is doing scrub work also, so two in one. Removed dead cells and cleans well. She love to apply it on face that it makes her Face so soft and beautiful.

Her Likes With Harini Herbals Bath Powder For Beautiful Skin:

Smells good.
Cleans well
Two in one Scrub and Clean
Best Bath Powder for Winter
No Dryness.
Makes Her Face so Soft.
100 % Herbal
No Risk of side effects.
By Regular Use It will Make Your Face Acne Free ( This Info collected from Harini Herbals Customers).

She Didn’t say any Dislikes 🙂
So According To Her Review My Final Verdict is It is a Must have Product for Winter to compete the Dryness. My Suggestion is Those who have Dry skin They can use it for Face only atleast…..

A Good news for Herbal product Lovers. For this Winter a best solution for dry Hair and Dry Skin coming from this Harini Herbals Introducing Herbal Bath Spa Kit.

Harini Herbals Introducing Herbal Bath Spa Kit
Harini herbals introducing herbal spa kit contains of Hibiscus hair oil= 100 ml Rs.80/-, curry leaves oil=100 ml Rs.80, Nutritious protein hair pack=250 grams Rs.300/-, Henna hair coloring paste=500 grams Rs.675/- and ayurvedic bath powder=250 grams Rs.225. Total Rs.1360 and get 5 % discount in the herbal spa kit along with any face pack worth Rs.80/-

Mix Curry Leave oil and Hibiscus oil and massage your hair and then wash it off with mild herbal shampoo. Then Protein Hair pack and then after drying wash it off. Your hair will shine and smooth. Protein hair pack is enough to use for monthly twice.

Also the Bath powder is amazing and especially for winter. The Henna Hair colour is really cool and won’t damage your hair when colouring.

Hope All will like this Kit….

Hope this Review will be Helpful For you all……
Share your thoughts and Take care….
Love you alll 🙂


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