Easy Way To Organize Your Beautiful Earrings – DIY Tutorial

Hello Friends,
Good Morning Everybody. Today I am going to share a Simple and easy tutorial For Organizing Your Beautiful Earrings. I am a Super Crazy Girl in the Earring Collections. Where ever I go I won’t leave that place without buying Earrings if there is any earring accessories shop. I have a collections of earrings which comes under the rate of Rs 20 to 250 Rs. More than that price I won’t buy anything in imitation jewels. I don’t want to spend more money in a single Earring set.

I can buy more Earring in that saved money and can enjoy lot of variety in earrings. Of course all Girls will Love Variety of Earrings. But, after bought those, How to Organize them??? I am so Lazy to organize them and just will keep them in a Jewel Box like Garbage. When I need a Particular Earring to wear I have to search like Google. So, from long time I was thinking about a DIY earring organizer for me. I have came with an Super Easy Idea to select your own earring easily and store them safely.

Here is the Tutorial:

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Easy Way To Organize Your Beautiful Earrings – DIY Tutorial
Do You Like it???? May be it looks little Messy…because I have dumped all Earrings in this Organizer. This Half part of my Earrings. I have lot of earrings in my stash to show off.

Things Needed to Make this Earring Stand:
1. A Top cover of a thick Box…(I have used Urban Touch’s Box Top) But You can use anything like this…

2. Fevi Stick
3. Scissor
4. Sponge Sheet
5. Thermocol sheet (this also I got from urbantouch box)

Now The Method:
You Just need 10 minutes to make this DIY earring organizer for your own. First clean the inside of the Thick Box Top and apply fevistick liberally all over the box’s inside portion. Now, Stick the Thermocol sheet which is sized to fix inside that Box Top. After Fixing it, apply Fevistick on the Thermocol sheet and stick the Sponge sheet well. leave this for 15 minutes. Now Arrange your Beautiful earrings as per your wish.

You can store your bracelets and other accessories too in this DIY earring organizer. I use to store my earrings likewise – jumkas in one place, long dangler earrings in one place, Studs in one place and then hoops.

Don’t let your stone jewels in a jewel box, if they get touch with other jewels the stones of the jewels may get damaged and the stones may fall out from the jewels. Better store them like this flat storing system, so that they can get in touch with one another. I love hoops earring very much also jumkas. I have variety of jumka collections. I love black studs especially with shiny stone. They are good for any outfits and look simple. Red stone earrings can be matched with any outfits and it is a common colour and same applies to white stone jewels too.

Hope You like this Tutorial…
Please share your opinions…
Happy Earring Shopping and storing them…