My Haul With Lass Cosmetics

Hello Friends,Today I am going to share my Shopping with Lass Cosmetics. Last Month when I was in deep search about natural products which has no harmful chemical Ingredients. Because I have Sensitive skin I will be careful with the products which I am buying. My Eyes will 1st go to the Ingredient list. I found this Lass Cosmetics website. There they have variety of Skin and Hair care products like Face wash, Shampoo, Toner, Lip Balm, Soap and Face packs, Scrubs. All are made from Natural Ingredients.


They are producing all products free from Phathalets, Parabens and SLS,SLES

* Artificial Fragrance Free

* Against Animals Testing

* Environmental Friendly

* Without Mineral Oil

* Artificial Colour Free

Wowww So Probably i have to give a try these products na!!!! So, I have sent a mail to them for samples. They replied that currently they don’t have that option. So, I have decided to purchase some products from them and mailed them that I am preferring COD. They said ok and I have ordered the following products….
1. ALOE VERA GEL WITH GOLD LEAF                             –  125 Rs
2. ROSE & HONEY FACE WASH                                           –  95 Rs
They sent me the products immediately after 2 days. The Products came to me nicely Packed. As usual I was very eager to use them.

All are looking good…and soon I will Review them Gals…
Stay tune hahahaha…. 🙂
Hope this Haul will help you all to find some good products from Lass Cosmetics
If you are interested in Lass Cosmetics Contact me…..I am happy to distribute this Natural, Ayurvedic  Lass Cosmetics Products…. 🙂


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