Lass Naturals Rose and Honey Soap Free Face Wash Review

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Today I am going to Review Lass Naturals Rose and Honey soap free face wash. I was in a serious research about skin care products that are free from parabens and SLS. I found this lass cosmetics products finally which are opt for my needs. I recently hauled with this lass cosmetics and when I posted about the Haul with Lass Cosmetics My Friends asked me to Review the products soon. So, I am going to Review this Face wash First. I liked It very much and so good one. Let us see the review…About The Product:

Soap free face washes
Lass Naturals Rose & Honey Soap Free Face Wash Review

Lass Naturals Rose & Honey Soap Free Face Wash Refresh and Rejuvenate
Paraben & Phthalates Free
Price  –  95 INR
Quantity  –  100gm
Shell Life  –  30 Months
Available in all online stores


100% soap free and mild foaming face wash nourishes and hydrates your skin, keeps it supple and soft. Draws out impurities, balances your skin pH and leaves a younger and radiant looking skin. It works wonders for all skin types. Especially effective for dry skin.

Against Animal Testing
100% Vegan
A Hypo allergic Ayurveda Product
My Experience With Lass Naturals Rose & Honey Soap Free Face Wash :
Lass Naturals Rose & Honey Soap Free Face Wash is coming in tube packaging and in Rose colour with Rose flower pictures. It is Little heavy Pack, but it is travel friendly. It is like other face wash pack and easily can take Face wash by its flip open cap.
This Face Wash is colourless runny liquid and smells very yummy. Yes, very mild Rose smell will roaming around you for some time after washing your face. It lathers well and cleans the skin thoroughly. This face wash removes dirt from face well and leaves skin smooth. It neither leaves skin oily nor dry. This Face wash leaves skin as it is.
I have checked this face wash with make up thinks also, with My water proof Mascara, Lip liner and Normal Kajal. It has washed all the things cleanly and you can see a tinge of kajal because Kajal always needs little olive oil or coconut oil to remove well.
It is very runny liquid so you have to control the amount of face wash while taking out. This is totally worth for the price. Especially dry to combination skin girls will love this face wash very much and my oily skin also loves this face wash.

What I like With Lass Naturals Rose & Honey Soap Free Face Wash :

Nice and Easy handle Pack and flip cap lid
Sweet Rose smell and mild one.
Not tested on Animals.
Hypo Allergic Ayurveda product
Paraben and Phthalates free
Affordable cost
Made in India
Suitable for dry to combination skin girls.

I don’t have Dislikes in this Face wash 🙂
My Final Verdict about Lass Naturals Rose & Honey Soap Free Face Wash
It is a great Face wash for all skin type. So, Just go for this Face wash, it is soap free and safe on sensitive skin…
Hope this Review will be helpful…
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Take care and will meet you with another good review….


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