Dry skin Remedy – Beauty Bath With Butter And Green Gram Dhal

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Hope everybody doing fine. Today I am going to share a Beauty Bath with Butter and Green gram Dhal Powder to get rid of dry skin. In India all women use to take head bath twice a week. It is not good to wash hair daily. That too they will massage their head to toe by Sesame oil. Left it for one hour and then they will wash their hair by Sikkakai. Even I was following this in my school life. My mom use to change sesame oil massage by butter for body massage in winter seasons. I am going to share this recipe with you all to over come winter dry skin problem…Now a days I am following this steps and getting my Skin smooth than before and glowing…What things need for Beauty Butter Bath:
1. Butter (unsalted):
Butter will melt when you apply and this Butter cake I have taken from fridge and cut needed amount. I have Started applying butter all over body just swiping this Butter cake on the skin. It will melting like ghee on the skin. later I have massaged the butter on my skin well. For my head I have used Sesame oil. After I have worn a old sleeveless night wear. (It will be little messey part), otherwise your cloths will get full of oil.

Winter skin care
Dry skin Remedy – Beauty Bath With Butter And Green Gram Dhal

2. Green Gram Dhal Powder (Scrub)
I am using green Gram dhal for taking bath. I have taken needed amount of Green gram dhal and grind it in Scrub like granules. This is natural and excellent exfoliate for skin.

After one hour I will take shampoo Bath by a herbal Shampoo and then will wash my skin by using Green gram dhal scrub Powder. I use to mix Rose water in my Bathing water. After this Bath I was feeling like just born. Yes, My skin will become super soft and I feel so refreshed. What a relief? You will feel If you take this Butter Bath. Thank you Mommy for this secret Beauty bath ( I never care when My Mom keep on telling me in my college days about this) You will never feel to apply Moisturising cream after this Bath. ((Holiday for Moisturising creams and Soaps hahaha… 🙂 🙂 )

Butter is an Excellent moisturiser and we all know it. It is a natural lip balm and it has good fats. Daily intake of an Amla sized Butter will gives shine and glow also natural moisture lock to our skin. This tip will be applied for gals who are below 25 years. The Butter should be taken in the morning.

Green Gram Dhal is rich in Vitamin C and can be used as a Natural scrubber. This is good for as food and also in Beauty Skin care use.

This Bath should taken in warm water and you should tolerate the milky smell of Butter. This bath will take little extra time to finish. Do try this method weekly twice, it will gives amazing results. During winter Season dryness will runaway from you. This bath will relax you well and well Exfoliates your skin naturally.

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