Vaadi Herbals Foot Cream Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review Vaddi Herbals Foot Cream. I have purchased
this through online store called Urban Touch. I always prefer herbal products
mostly. I got a chronic Crack on my feet that gave painful heels always
recently. I was thinking of applying a Foot cream. But, I was in dilemma to
select the brand. When I searched Urbantouch online store, I got this Vaadi
Herbals Foot cream. I have ordered this with other products.
About Vaadi Herbals Foot Cream:
Shell life –  3 years
Price –  45 INR
Quantity – 20 + 10 ml free = 30 ml
Sandal Wood removes dark patches and Pigmentation marks. Clove oil
disinfects Feet by killing Bacteria and fungai. Cocoa butter and jojoba oil
deeply miosturize your feet making them soft and supple.


My Experience with Vaddi Herbals Foot Cream:
Best foot creams
Vaadi Herbals Foot Cream Review

It comes in a small cute package and very handy to carry around with us.
This cream looks pale yellow in colour. I like the smell of this cream it is
very sweet and herbal fragrance. The clove smell is the dominant smell I think.
I am little lazy to do pedicure process in the home like taking hot water feet
soak and rubbing it by pumice stone etc etc…hehehe. So, I just applied this
Foot cream Morning and Night before bed after washing my legs. Immediately
after application my Feet looks Moisturized well and looks shiny. The cream is
thick and it is moisturizing the dried Feet very well. My opened cracks took
this cream inside well. Day by day my Cracks reduced and after one month it is
95% cured. Note that I did’t took any pedicure process, Just washed the feet
and applied. Someday I forgot to apply too. Still my feet crack results are

I am going to finish the 2nd one. I am addicted to the foot cream and
stocked so many. This cream is best option for winter and those who have dry
cracked heels. Foot creams are very important to maintain a soft and smooth
feet. The clove in this foot cream acts as an anti-bacterial agent. After
applying this cream, if I wash my feet the moisture remains same as applied. It
has great moisturizing power.
My likes on this Vaddi Herbals Foot Cream:

It works well on healing
cracked foot
It moisture well.
It smells good.
Very handy can carry around
with you.
Thick cream spreads easily.
Very cheap compares with its

My Dislikes on this Vaddi Herbals Foot Cream:

Very strong smell, after
washing your hand also will stay on your hands for some time.
Have to clean your hands
well before taking the cream from the container.
Not working on my dark marks
on the Feet.

My Final verdict about Vaadi Herbals Foot Cream:
It is very good daily use Foot cream and I will suggest to you all
Friends to get happy crack free feet… 🙂
Hope this review will be useful for you all…
Please do share your comments….
Take care.. 🙂


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