How to do Pedicure in Home DIY Methods To Treat Cracked Heels

How to do Pedicure in Home DIY Methods To Treat Cracked Heels
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Today I am going to share Some Simple Methods To Avoid and Cure Cracks On Heels. I am the Person Who gets cracks On my Heels often. I am following some DIY Recipies to treat my cracked heels regularly in home. Here I want to share it as It will be helpful for you also to maintain a Baby soft Feet. Because, Our Heels is the part which supports our whole body na…. πŸ™‚

Here Goes The DIY Recipes:
1. Take well ripened Papaya and mash it well. Now apply it all over the Feet and let it Dry. After Drying reapply the Mashed Papaya again. After Drying Wash it off by Warm water and Apply some Moisturiser for your Feet. This DIY will gives you crack free Feet if you do it weekly Twice, also your feet will get nourishment from papaya pulp.

2. Apply Henna Leafs in the same way also cure your Feet. Grind henna leafs well like a paste and apply it all over the feet. After half an hour wash it off with warm water and apply good thick creamy moisturizer all over the feet. This will cool your body heat as well, because henna has such property.

3. Take some warm water in a bucket, now add sea salt and lemon juice in it and soak your feet in the bucket for 20 minutes. later, Scrub your feet by Pumic stone, this will remove hard and dead cells from the feet very well. After that wash your feet by using a mild shampoo, Johnson&Johnson baby soap will be good. Now apply a good Moisturiser liberally all over the feet and massage. You can sleep well by this method and you will wake up with beautiful soft happy feet. I love this method always personally. Repeat it weekly once for maintaining your feet in good condition.

How to pedicure at home
Simple DIY Pedicure Methods To Avoid Cracked Heels

4. Applying Coconut and Caster Oil Mixture on the well cleaned Feet in the night will keep your feet baby Soft and leads to a Sound sleep too. You can cover your feet by a cotton socks.

5. Take Caster oil and Coconut oil in Equal Quantity and mix small amount of Turmeric powder with it. Apply it on the Cracks. This is Natural Crack Heeling Cream and antiseptic too to kill the germs in the Feet.


These Remedies are simple and effective. These methods will be useful for Sugar Patients also who need to maintain their feet very carefully, but they should not rub their feet by hard pumic stone. Instead of the pumic stone they can use a soft loofah brush to clean their feet…..

To avoid cracks on your heels use soft sandals inside your home as well as outside of your home. Because chapels causes cracks when they are not suitable for your feet. Hard chapels causes cracks easily on your feet. Do not put over weight as this is one of the main reason for cracked heels.

Hope in this post you all will find useful Info….
Please share your thoughts….
Take care I will see you with some good Remedies….


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