DABUR AMLA Hair Oil – My Favorite Hair Oil

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Today I am going to share about my Favorite hair oil The great Dabur Amla Hair Oil. I am using this hair oil since from my childhood age. This oil recommended by my Mom for me. Naturally my Mom has a long beautiful hair, from her me too got the long and thick hair. But, the curse of Our family side is premature hair greying. My mom had severe greying of hair in early of her 25+ itself. She was searching a good solution for this problem. later she found this Oil that can control greying of hair. Me too got one to two grey hairs early of my 20+. My mom told me to use this hair oil. So, I have started using this hair oil and till date I am loving this hair oil and haven’t changed my hair oil…About the Dabur Hair Oil:

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DABUR AMLA Hair Oil – My Favorite Hair Oil
My Experience with DABUR AMLA Hair Oil:
This DABUR AMLA Hair Oil comes in a green sturdy plastic bottle with screw open lid, it has air tight lid to prevent oil leakage, so it travel friendly.
My Take:
This oil looks dark green in colour and smells so strong. This smell makes so many girls to stay away from this oil. I don’t know the reason exactly why this hair oil smells too strong. It is runny liquid hair oil. This oil doesn’t gives much greasiness on scalp and hair. All you need to take small amount to massage your hair. Otherwise your hair become more oily with strong smell, your friends will run away from you.
This oil controls hair fall very well and makes your hair very thick and shiny by regular use. Dandruff problem will never come near your if you use this hair oil regularly. Totally this hair oil will protects your scalp and hair very well. Your hair always remains thick and black. My pre-mature hair greying problem controlled well by this DABUR AMLA Hair Oil. I love using this hair oil.
I wish Dabur brand could reduce the strong smell from this oil, so that all people can use it. This hair oil makes hair soft and shiny. The Amla in this oil helps to nourish hair and keeps it shiny and silky. Dabur is a good herbal brand and provides some skin care products too. They have some hair dye products too, which my mom is using.

Ingredients mentioned in the Bottle
Vegetable Oil including Amla Extract 58%, Mineral oil 40%, Sughandit dravya, Antioxidant-TBHQ, C.I.-12740, 61565 & 26100.
Net volume – 300 ml
Price – 105 INR
Shell life – 3 years
Available easily in all stores…

My final verdict about DABUR AMLA Hair Oil:
This hair oil for those who have dandruff, hair fall, grey hair problems can give a try on this oil…. But, those who have sensitive nose should stay away…they may not like the smell and the smell may cause headache.

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