ACNESOL 1% Clindamycin Phosphate topical Solution USP Review

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Hope everybody is doing good. Today I am going to review Acnesol 1% solution for Acne. Today most of the people even aged 30 too facing Acne problem often. Acne problem is such a annoying and irritating one. I had Acne problem severely as my skin is Acne prone one. I went to my Dermatology Dr for the solution. She prescribed this Acnesol 1% solution. I came home with this medicine. My habit is always I will see reviews about the products which I am going to use even it is medicine. When I searched for the Review about Acnesol 1% I could’t find a detailed review. As everyone saying it is used for Acne problem. So, I want to review this in detail…About the Product:
Acnesol 1% Solution contains Clindamycin Phosphate USP at a concentration equivalent to 1% w/v in a solution base.

Clindamycin inhibits bacterial protein synthesis at the level of bacterial ribosome. The Antibiotic binds preferentially to 50 S ribosomal subunit and inhibits the process of peptide chain elongation.

Acnesol 1% soltion widely uesd for the treatment of Acne vulgaris, alone or combination with other acne treatments.

Apply twice on the affected area daily.

It is available in all Medical stores offline and also Buy Online at

My experience with Acnesol 1% solution:
This ACNESOL 1% Clindamycin Phosphate topical Solution looks like a clear water like liquid, it is a non-greasy liquid that blends on the skin easily. The ACNESOL solution comes in a small white sturdy plastic bottle with a blue colour screw open cap. It is not much travel friendly.

My Dr recommended me to use this on the night time. I am doing like this, and I started using this regularly to reduce my ugly Acne enemy. It is doing good changes on my face. Small allergic patches got reduced. In the mean time I got some big Acne which is reduced from the next day by the application of this Acnesol Solution. It is liquid like oily and I feel moisturized when I am applying on my face. This solution effectively works on acne and dries out them quickly. The small zits all over my face will get clear quickly if I apply this solution on them.

It comes in pack like this

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ACNESOL 1% Clindamycin Phosphate topical Solution USP Review


I use to take this liquid with a cotton and apply it on my acne affected areas only. This ACNESOL 1% Clindamycin Phosphate topical Solution available in two varieties one is this solution form another one is gel form.

My Likes on this Acnesol 1% solution:

This is like a oil and gives good moisture.
This works very effective on Acne.
Never dries up my face.
Easy to apply and spreads evenly.
Dries up big acne and clears face blemishes.
Easily blends on skin
Affordable price.
Gives nice glow to your face.

My Dislikes on Acnesol 1% Solution:

Not suitable for daytime wear as it gives a oil applied look.
Can be used in home only.
Not travel friendly,once you put the hole on this pack it has to be in one place if it fall down the liquid will shed from the bottle.
Not controls my new acne.

My final verdict is if it is recommended by your Dr use it with full confidence as it will helps you to come over the Acne problem.

Hope this review will be useful for you
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