How to reduce your weight in day to day life without more effort:-

How to reduce your weight in day to day life without more effort:-Now a days Losing weight is became a nightmare for all of us as our lifestyle has become totally different, Our lifestyle filled with late night sleeps, junk foods, waking up lately, laziness, unhealthy foods, stress etc, these things are enough for us to lead our body to obesity or overweight. Here I am sharing some simple tips to loss weight without changing your routine much.

Tips for weight loss
How to lose your weight easily

First we will start from early morning ohhhh!!!! I am sorry if you couldn’t wake up early. Whenever you wake up that is your early morning ok. Just spend few minutes….rise your hand above the head and stand straight bend yourself and try to touch your lovely feet…Do this for 5 minutes at least very fast….

Now probably you are breathing more and sweating….yes??? Good

Weight loss
Easy tips for weight loss

Second lay down and try to do steps like a snake dance yeah….just for few seconds….relax….now repeat the 1st step for 5 minutes again….that’s it 10 minutes over….go and do your own routine i won’t disturb.

Come to morning breakfast

Never ever skip breakfast as it will increase your hungry more and you know that you will become week, also you will tend to eat snacks more because of your uncontrolled hungry feeling, there is a chance to eat a heavy lunch too. I have experienced all these problems. So, for breakfast ideas if you have idly batter (idli mavu) take 3 cups and mix it with 1 cup oats,1 cup wheat flour and mix it well  Add onion, curry leaves, Coriander leaves for taste. You can store this batter use it for 2 days. Do prepare idli or dosa using this batter. Important point is don’t eat more at a time like 4 or 5 idlies or dosas, because it leads to storing in our stomach cause belly and indigestion problems. Take 2 or 3 at a time and you should have 4 hour interval for your next intake of any food.

Weight loss
Easy weight loss tips

If you feel hungry in between drink buttermilk, lemon juice, it will be good for your skin too and have a cup of Green tea after 1 hr having breakfast or lunch or dinner. If you feel like to have snacks do eat peanuts, cucumber, fruits and nuts.

For Lunch use Brown rice….it is healthy and less calories than white rice…eat more subji…Again green tea…

For dinner use low fat milk and prepare a porridge using oats or Kellogg’s….If needed eat fruits…

Milk induces nice sleep….

Weigh loss
Dinner tips for weight loss

Drink at least 2 to 3 liter water daily will wash out your toxins….keep your skin fresh and healthy

For cooking like preparing chappathi,dosa etc for you use olive oil or rice bran oil…

Alternatives chapatti, wheat rava upma, oats idly etc

Eat sundals means boiled channa dal, rajma etc….

Do your home works yourself sweeping, cleaning etc…. Finish your dinner before 8 PM. After that better don’t have anything as it will leads to weight gain and again belly.

I am sure you will get reduce your weight very soon….

Any doubts ask me…i will help you as much as possible…

🙂 🙂 🙂

Weekly once you can have food outside like hotel…ice cream like that…next day do etc 5 mts up and down that’s it…

But no cake, pizza….than forget about reducing weight….

Hope you liked my easy tips…

bye Radha


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